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Totally Sweet Valley and Habbohotel!


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Join our free fan club!

SWEET Valley Fans, Read on!
( and habbohotel fans!)

Now you can join Totally Sweet Valley, a funky club made by fans 4 fans! And itz free!.  Check it out!


Needed:  We are currently looking for a Vice President, that loves Sv is that you?

Send us an e-mai. Many other positions are just waiting to be filled.


Totally Sweet Valley fan club, would have to be one of the newest and best sweet valley fan clubs around!


 This club was created in 2003 and unlike most other clubs is up kept regularly so even the biggest sweet valley fan wont get bored. 


It also has many pages introducing sweet valley so people new to the series wont get bored either! 


Polls, quizzes and a chance to talk to other sweet valley fans are offered.  The club is absolutely free but we do rely on members to contribute to make it a success. 


We also have a cool newsletter that you may contribute to.


 How 2 join 


To join This cool, Free club club, you will need to fill out the quick aplication form and seend it to or ( President)

( Once u r in the club u can then apply for Vice POresident or another role)

Aplication  Totally Sweet Vally Fan club Established in 2003 and still up and running.

( Copy these 5 questions and paste on a e-mail , fill out and send off)

I know i knw talk about work but all the members agree this was defientely worth it! and it ids only 5 questions!


First Name:

Favourite Sweet Valley series:

Favourite Sweet Valley Twin:


Interests ( Besides SV):


It is a good idea to send an e-mail 2 both adresses as it will show u r keen, and if 1 is away u will get joined up faster!



out this 1st letter from the president 


As the president of this new cool club, I would love to have it up and running soon.  Please tell your friends about this Sweet Valley site and club as we are not listed in any search engines so it is hard for sweet valley fans to find out about these cool new fan pages.


Members of these club receive an email newsletter oracle, a chance to chat to other sweet valley fans and win sweet valley prizes, have input into totally sweet valley and other sweet valley fans sites.  More things for members are coming soon.


Jess_Jaala Totaally Sweet Valley President xxx

Vice president needed!
Send all enquiries to the president ( )
Or to the site adress ( )

A newsletter is currently being made, pleae send any contributions to the adresses above!

You can win sweet valley prizes!
Just by contributing to the fan club newsletter!
Write articles now for the chance to win your own column On totally Sweet vALLEY!

Plz tell ur friends abou this gr8 Sweet Valley fan pages a s we cant afford to advertise

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If u want ur sweet valley site advertised here e-mail