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Totally Sweet Valley and Habbohotel!


Join our free fan club! | Liz and Jess | Different Series ( SVH, SVU etc ) | Mailbag | Related Links | Contact Me | E-mail Jess and Liz ( Ie the fictional character) they will reply! it is free!
E-mail Jess and Liz ( Ie the fictional character) they will reply! it is free!

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You can e-mail Jess or Liz! And they will reply to you.

Ask Jess how cheerleading is, Who she likes or whether she is arguing with Lila!

Ask Liz about Todd or her writing!

You can ask the girls whatever u want and they will individually reply to you!


Check ou this sample 1.


Totally Sweet Valley Part of a letter from Jess and Liz (not personalised)



This is Jess and Liz!

So,  I have been so totally busy, what with cheering and all so sorry I havent replied to now. As for Liz well she got  no excuses.


Jess you know I have been busy writing for the newspaper, its taking up all my spare time but I really want to get that scholarship


.Yeah yeah, so anyway we leart this totally new cheer for the big game this weekend.  Ken Matthews is going to be there!  I am  so totally excited.  What am  I going to wear?


Jess there is more to life than cheering.  Anyway you know I have to finish my article so I wont be able to make it.


Whatever Liz, we are supposed to be writing a letter anyway.

So how  are  you?


I should really go and finish my article.

If you are want to get e-mails from Jess and Liz just write one to them.  Please send them via  with the subject as e-mail for Jess and Liz  ( or something along those lines )

They will try and get back to you a.s.a.p.


To speak with other Sweet Valley fans and loads of fun join our new fan club.

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