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Totally Sweet Valley and Habbohotel!


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Liz and Jess

Liz and Jess


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Elizabeth and Jessica are identical twins.  You can see what they look like from the pictures.  In the TV series they are played by the Daniels twins: Brittany and Cynthia. 


Liz is the serious twin who is always volunteering for things and joining committees. She is popular but doesnt hang around with the cool crowd like Jess.  She likes to write.  Even boys are serious to Liz a concept Jess finds hard to imagine.  She couldnt believe that Liz would want to keep a relationship with Todd (Lizs long-term boyfriend) for so long.


Jess likes to have fun and is popular. Fun is her philosophy for everything from cheerleading, to parties, and the beach.  If something isnt fun she doesnt want to be in it.  If something was fun Jess thought it was worth taking a risk for.  This meant that Jess got into trouble a fair bit but she always got out of it from help with Liz and good luck.


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