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Totally Sweet Valley and Habbohotel!
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Hey I hope you will check out my site! I had the idea in December 2002, to be totally focused on everything Sweet Valley.


Do u use habbohotel? if so join the club and go in furni raffles!

Scroll to the bottom of this page to fill out the poll! Vote on all things Sweet Valley!


Click on the hyperlinks above and your on your way to exploring Sweet Valleys newest Fan Site.

You can e-mail Jess and Liz.  You can ask Jess how cheerleading is or whether she is having fights with Lila or not.  You could ask Liz about Todd or her writing.  Ask the twins whateva u want and u will get a reply!


Please join the fan club as the more the better.  If you dont know what Sweet Valley is you can go 2 meet Jess and Liz or the different series. 


Also remember to make your own sweet valley page! And we will advertise 4 u! Click on the link above.

Have fun!

And check back regularly as there will be updates every month or 2!



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Thanx xxx

Who is your favourite Sweet Valley character?
Who is your fave twin?
Who do you think Liz should go out with?
Who is perfect for Jessica to date?
Thanks for filling out our monthly poll. Please leave any comments about this poll or this site here.

This site is is no way affliated to Francine Pascal, Svh Tv or anything else.
You can find the official sweet valley site at


Cynthia and Brittany Daniels, as Jessica and Elizabeth in Svh Television